Best of Boudoir in 2017

Looking back on the best boudoir memories of 2017, I can't believe that there were so many incredible moments packed into just one year. Then, when I think about when I first started my boudoir photography business 4 1/2 years ago, the memories only multiply, and I'm left feeling nothing but grateful.

Boudoir has been a journey of self-discovery. It's been a rollercoaster ride from desperation and tears to moments of sheer joy and revelation.

I remember when I first started, without a car, carrying my photography equipment across the country on public transportation. My dear friend and makeup artist, Cassy Avraham, and I would travel hours on Egged buses for just one boudoir client. In hindsight, it did give us time to think and breathe, to dream and plan together.

I would never have thought that only a short time later, I'd live in a beautiful home that I would be able to transform into a boudoir studio. I would have never thought that I'd facilitate a Facebook group and community of over 3,600 women or be flown to Europe to speak about self-love. I would have never thought I'd be written about in The Guardian or BBC News or what a controversy it would cause, even among some famous public figures.

Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0001.jpg

The most transformative moments were the quieter ones. They happened in the bedrooms of my clients, in my boudoir studio, in randomly beautiful outdoor spaces. It is a real gift to be able to see so many women connect to their bodies, rekindle their sexuality and take enormous steps towards loving and accepting who they are. 

"Watch carefully what happens when you give someone just enough comfort to be themselves."


While the majority of my boudoir clients choose to keep their sessions private, here are some of my favorites from the images I was allowed to share...

Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0002.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0003.jpg

After a recent boudoir session, my client wrote this gorgeous poem that resonated with me.

"My body is a temple.
It is my home.
My body bore children and endured loss...

Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0004.jpg

My body has been loved and touched, cuddled, and embraced.
I depend on my body to create and to explore this world, I nurture and invest in my body, because I want to live my life strong happy and healthy for as long as God allows me to...

Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0005.jpg

I love my body because it is me! And I love me.

Love yourself. Love others. And be loved."

Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0006.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0007.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0008.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0009.jpg

I'm so grateful to my clients who have bared their bellies and their souls. Who have gone on this journey of self-discovery with me. While it's endlessly therapeautic, I think we had A LOT of fun in the process.

Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0010.jpg

Thank you to my team; the makeup artists, hair stylists, film labs, florists, designers and printing houses who have all been tremendous contributors and partners in creating beautiful art with me. To have professionals that I love working with and whom I can trust is priceless. 

Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0011.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0013.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0015.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0016.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0017.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0019.jpg

"Photography makes one conscious of beauty everywhere, even in the simplest things, even in what is often considered commonplace. Yet nothing is really 'ordinary,' for every fragment of the world is crowned with wonder and mystery, and a great and surprising beauty." -Alvin Langdon Coburn

Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0021.jpg
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Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0024.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0025.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0026.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0027.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0067.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0052.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0053.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0028.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0030.jpg

This self-portrait is everything...

Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0031.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0033.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0032.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0034.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0035.jpg
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Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0037.jpg
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Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0043.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0044.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0045.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0046.jpg

Last summer, I traveled to New York City just for my boudoir clients, and it was absolutely amazing. It's a city that made me feel alive in a different kind of way...

Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0047.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0049.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0050.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0051.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0055.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0048.jpg

I don't often photograph couples, but when I do, you know that they are special...

Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0054.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0057.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0058.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0059.jpg

Something I love about boudoir is that it can translate to all stages in our life and celebrates our femininity not only through our bodies, but through the stories that we carry with us.

Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0064.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0066.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0061.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0062.jpg
Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0063.jpg

What's my favorite photograph? Maybe the one I'll take tomorrow.

For now, I'll be cherishing the experiences and photographs that came from 2017.

Lastly, but certainly not least, thank you to my biggest fan, my greatest support, and love of my life. Yehoshua, I could not have accomplished what I have so far without your unconditional love and encouragement. You are not only an inspiration to me as a person, but as a photographer and artist as well. To be able to share a passion for photography with you is one of the sweetest blessings. 

Hello, 2018. Let's rock and roll. 

Rebecca Sigala Year in Review 2017_0060.jpg

Shoutout to all of you who have made this year possible!

Film Lab - Panda Labs

Makeup and Hair Stylists

Cassy Avraham

Jaquelyn Mowszowski Lawrence

Lia Ciner

Sheldon T. Bruck

Rhonda Lev

Sarah Appel

Leah Neppe

Dana Kaplan

Katy Taurel

Louise Lerman

Designers & Florists

Sara Winter - Florist

Haim Shushan - Graphic Design & Branding

Marina Valery - Wedding Gown & Lingerie Designer

Petit Pois - Lingerie 

Lifestyle Influencers

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Yael Kimmelman - Life by B

Beauty from a Different Era | Boudoir with Rachel

On a calm, beautiful morning in my studio, I drank my morning coffee and awaited Rachel's arrival from Netanya for her very first boudoir experience. When she walked in the door and sat down for her and makeup, I felt like I was hanging out with an old friend. It probably helped that we had a lot of friends and colleagues in common!

During her consultation and now, after her full experience, Rachel so beautifully expressed her reasons for wanting to do a boudoir session at this time in her young adult life. 

I came to my boudoir session hoping to see myself through a new lens. Intellectually, I know I’m beautiful. But I’ve never understood what it meant to feel sexy. That’s part of what brought me to my session-to be able to see myself in that light, even if just through photos.
— Rachel

Rhonda and I were so excited that she wanted a dramatic look. With boudoir sessions, people generally tend to stay on the natural side with their makeup and hair looks, so it was fun to do something different this time. As her makeup was being applied, there was an inner light that began to glow and her classically beautiful features were shining through even more. 

I gave Rachel a look that had a smokey, sexy feel intertwined with inspiration from the 1930’s classic beauty trends. It just suited her features, personality and wardrobe perfectly.
— Rhonda Lev
Classic beauty boudoir-2

During the moments leading up to the session, Rachel felt beautiful in her own skin.

I experienced not just seeing myself as sexy, but I actually felt pretty. I felt beautiful. Not because I was made up. Not because I was the subject of a photo shoot. But just because I was coming to a place as myself and for the first time really saw all of my features: my eyes, my cheek bones, my skin, my lips. And that was all before the photography even started! Just looking in the mirror in Rebecca’s living room was transformative in and of itself.
Classic beauty boudoir-1
Classic beauty boudoir-3
In the days leading up to the shoot, I was pretty nervous. I had made my appointment in a moment of bold decisiveness. One which didn’t last all that long!

I didn’t want to backtrack on it, but I didn’t feel as confident as I had when I decided to do the shoot.

After I arrived at Rebecca’s studio and got my makeup done, I felt more comfortable and was ready to have a great time.

Off came the clothes and in came the self conscious voice. What if the angles aren’t flattering, I thought. Or what if actually my body is just...ugh? And the voice wouldn’t stop!
Classic beauty boudoir-4
Classic beauty boudoir-5
Classic beauty boudoir-6
At a certain point, I can’t remember if it’s when I noticed the beauty of the light radiating through the curtains, or maybe getting lost in a melody of the background music, I tapped into my inner self and realized the negative voice from earlier wasn’t me.
Classic beauty boudoir-7
Classic beauty boudoir-8
Classic beauty boudoir-9
Classic beauty boudoir-11
Classic beauty boudoir-12
Classic beauty-13
Classic beauty boudoir-14
Classic beauty boudoir-15
Classic beauty boudoir-16
Classic beauty boudoir-17

I had such an amazing time photographing Rachel and getting "lost" with her as we navigated through her boudoir experience. I always say this, but I can't tell you enough what an honor and privilege it is to be allowed into the intimate worlds of my clients. This session was just another testament to why I do what I do every day. 

Classic beauty boudoir-18
Classic beauty boudoir-19

Hair and Makeup by Rhonda Lev

Cozy Haven in Tel Aviv | Maternity Boudoir : Adva

This maternity boudoir session brought me to a sweet and beautifully designed home in a quiet, Tel Aviv neighborhood. Adva was in her 38th week of pregnancy when she contacted me, so we really only had less than a week to get everything together! Generally I like to have more time to prepare with my clients, but in this case, I think that our trust and connection was so perfect from the beginning.

Adva's session couldn't have turned out better or more beautiful.

This was her third pregnancy, and very possibly her last, so it was especially meaningful to document this magical time right before her beautiful baby was born. 

When we walked in, I immediately gushed over Adva's bohemian, modern and eclectic style. I loved that we were able to use her home as a unique setting for her session. She happens to be an incredibly talented interior designer, and the talented part goes without saying!

Over coffee, a delicious cheese platter and fresh fruit, we chatted about life and motherhood, and about the way her world was about to change in just a few days. I always find the preparation time to be so relaxing and an opportunity to connect with my clients on a deeper level. It was really fun to have Rhonda Lev, one of my makeup artists and hair stylists, along with me on the day of. She created a natural and luminous look for Adva that left her feeling a little glamorous, but completely like herself. 

In my eyes, Adva is a total queen, with this modest confidence and a generous heart. Here are some of my favorites from her maternity session this Autumn...

Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-1
Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-2

There's honestly nothing sexier than a cozy sweater over lingerie!

Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-3
Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-4
Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-5
Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-6
Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-7
Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-8
Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-9
Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-10
Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-11
Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-12
Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-13
Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-14

I love how the film captures the light coming through her bedroom window. This has to be one of my favorite images from this series...

Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-15
Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-16

Often times my clients will use clothing for part of their boudoir sessions. I think this white, boho dress was a perfect fit for Adva's style and a lovely addition to our shoot. Someone told me that collarbones are the new cleavage. I definitely resonate with that here! :)

Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-17
Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-18
Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-19
Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-20

One of the best parts of my job is celebrating the lives of so many amazing women. It was truly an honor to have photographed Adva during the last moments of her pregnancy, and it was incredible to receive a text message with a gorgeous baby when he was born!

Mazal Tov, beautiful Adva.