Boudoir : Alexandra Sophia

Last year, Alexandra sent me a beautiful email after reading an article about my boudoir work in The Guardian. I soon found out that Alexandra was a creative director and curator for a cultural program in New York City, which encourages women to showcase their artistry on stage. We immediately bonded in our similar values about empowering women through feeling comfortable and loving their own, unique being. 

As soon as I started planning my travels to the United States for my boudoir clients, Alexandra was one of the first people I contacted. We began to speak further about our feelings regarding female empowerment, what it means to be a woman in the world today, and of course, what we envisioned aesthetically for her boudoir session. She told me more about the concept of "Her Gaze," which is the way in which we choose to be seen, instead of being viewed in a purely sexual or in an objectified manner. Alexandra's values and openness drew me into her narrative and inspired the beautiful experience and images that came from her boudoir session. 

We met at a lovely suite at Beacon Hotel in New York City, with Lou Lerman as our fabulous hair and makeup artist. The cloudy skies and light raindrops on the windowsill provided a calm and warm atmosphere for the magic that was about to happen...

Alexandra S-38-Edit.jpg

In Alexandra's words, "Spirituality, for me, is experienced through the sensual body.  Through loving and being loved.  My body holds the delights of being caressed by a gentle breeze, the smell of fresh cut grass and my bare feet encountering a shallow brook.  It is also true that my sorrows and the agonizing pain of illness are present in my spiritual journey.  These are some of the experiences that give me the capacity to be strong, vulnerable, tender, and open."

Alexandra S-31-Edit.jpg

"I believe that it was fate that led me to learn about Rebecca’s boudoir photography.  I felt I could be safe with her to let go of being in control and take a moment to be receptive and trust her to unveil the roundness of my passion."

Alexandra S-49-Edit.jpg
Alexandra S-55-Edit.jpg

Kodak Film // Processed and developed by Panda Labs

Boudoir : Atara

"I have always been at war with my body. When I was little, my mother started watching what I ate. I know retrospectively it was out of love, but at the time it was scary. I felt like I needed to change in order to be loved. I started to hate myself. I'd constantly find all my flaws. If someone ever gave me a compliment, I was convinced I was being set up. I started to harm my body. I hated it and wanted it destroyed inside and out. I turned to alcohol and drugs so I could feel at peace. I would harm myself thinking that would make it stop. Over the past few years, I've been working on that.

Learning to love myself has been a long and hard journey. I'd stand in front of the mirror and say everyday "I love you. You are worth it." It took months before I could keep a straight face while saying it, but I persisted. Almost three years later after I started this journey, I am in love with myself and my body, some of the time. I wanted to reward my progress with something that would help me celebrate myself and my journey.

The time leading up to the boudoir session, I was so scared. All my old fears came back. But getting in front of Rebecca Sigala's camera was a life changer. I felt good. Sexy. Empowered. And I anticipated getting the pictures. In them, I got to see myself as is. Yes, there was makeup, hair and a little photoshop to get rid of my mosquito bites. But it was me.  

I'm so grateful to finally be able to see myself."

Hair and makeup by Cassy Avraham

Boudoir : Julie

While looking for boudoir photographers in China seemed almost impossible, Julie decided to search for one on her trip to Israel this past winter. Through our e-mails, we automatically clicked, and as the date approached, I became more and more excited to photograph this stunning woman. 

Julie mentioned that she knew it was important for her to have an opportunity to see herself in a different light. Even though she loves her body at this stage in her life, motherhood and day to day routines sometimes make us forget how beautiful and sexual we really are. 

Our boudoir session took place in the heart of Jerusalem. A quaint, stone and Arabic style Airbnb in the neighborhood of Nachlaot...

Makeup by Sheldon Bruck

Hair by Katy Taurel

Kodak Film // Processed and scanned by Panda Labs

Boudoir : Leann

All I knew about Leann was drawn from her stylish Instagram feed. She's a beauty blogger, has stunning eyes and lives in Italy. Little did I know that our boudoir experience in Tel Aviv would be so vulnerable and deep from the very moment Lia, the makeup artist, and I walked through the door.

What I loved about Leann was that she put it all on the table. A woman who was willing to be raw and open in a way that brought me into her world...

Makeup by Lia Elisheva

Kodak Film // Processed and scanned by Panda Labs