Boudoir : Noa

It is not often that a person touches your soul. When it happens, it is a true blessing, as many of these encounters are defining moments in your life. When I met Noa, I knew very little about her. Through designing our glamour and boudoir session, I began to see the strength she had and her ability to draw light from seemingly dark places.

When Noa found out that she had a very high risk of breast cancer, she decided to have her breasts surgically removed to eliminate these risks. She chose life. She also chose to let this process be a positive one, allowing for her emotions to be genuine and embracing herself and her life in the most healing way.

I was absolutely honored and thrilled that our session could be part of her journey.

In Noa's words, "I chose to do a boudoir session before my scheduled mastectomy as a way of saying farewell to my breasts. It was important to me to have a beautiful memory of the breasts that fed and nurtured my 3 children, had been part of my sexual life. I didn't want to remember my breasts as a body part that had betrayed me, but rather as a part of me that had given so much. I also did not know how my new breasts would turn out (they are beautiful too!), and I knew it was possible that I could end up with no breasts, or severe scars. I wanted one last image of my body as it was created."

Hair and Makeup by Cassy Britt Wainer