Boudoir : Ms. B

One thing that is so incredible about my job is the people that I have the opportunity to meet and get to know. With Ms. B, I fell in love right away. I met her on her wedding day, which we had the pleasure of photographing. Immediately I was taken aback by what a sweet, gorgeous bride she was and her wonderful sense of humor. Also, it was very special to see the love between her and Mr. B. Something I will never forget is at their reception, he said in his speech, "I'm so lucky to have the sexiest woman as my wife!" I couldn't stop smiling.

When Ms. B contacted me for a boudoir session, I was SO excited. The day finally arrived and spending the morning with her, her good friend and Cassy was a party! We had the best time together, and I can't remember ever laughing that much while working :)

There really are no words to explain to you what a joy it was to document the amazing woman Ms. B is at this time in her life. She is out of this world beautiful...

Hair and Makeup by Cassy Avraham