Pillow Talk : Cassy Avraham

There are some people who come into your life and you have an immediate spark. It's as if you've met them before and your purpose in that moment seems so clear. Meeting Cassy was like that for me. We had so many commonalities, whether it was our philosophy on business and making a personal connection with our clients or our spiritual journey or the way we look at life, there was a thread that truly bound us together. The only major conflict is that am a coffee lover and she drinks TEA. How can that be? ;)

I always have and will be amazed by her artistry, her genuine sweetness and the experience she offers my boudoir clients. Cassy is my respected colleague, but I can also call her a trusted friend. I have a deep appreciation for the work that she does and the human being she is.

It was my pleasure to interview Cassy so that you can all learn about this incredible makeup artist and hairstylist. She is really the type of person I could speak with for hours...

Cassy, may I ask you how do you feel about boudoir in general?

Of course! When you first contacted me about boudoir sessions I was intrigued, and the more I researched and found out about boudoir, the more I became interested and invested in it. I think it is an incredibly powerful experience, truly an empowering way to connect with one's self. I find with every session that we do, we get a glimpse into the lives of some magnificent women, inside and out. Their lives, their strength, and the steps they have taken to have this experience. I find it incredibly rewarding, to be able to service these wonderful women, see them open up to the situation and enjoy themselves. It’s a meaningful experience for me, as a makeup artist to enhance (not change) these women, and be part of something which can enrich their lives.

From our first meeting, I think you and I both knew from then on how well we would work together. It's comforting when you find someone who is a good match, especially in this industry. During boudoir sessions, our energies compliment each other and it helps our clients feel at ease. We really share a passion to make women feel beautiful.

What kind of makeup would you suggest for a boudoir session?

My best makeup for a boudoir session is on the 'Natural Side' - specifically for those who don’t usually wear makeup, I always want my clients to feel comfortable and most importantly, like themselves. I love a dramatic look, but as a professional, I always suggest that the client trusts what I know will suit them. My best piece of advice is that if you are looking at pictures of makeup and/or hair, look at pictures that look like you. If you have blue eyes, look at blue eyes, if you have brown eyes, look at brown, etc. This way you will already be closer to a look and style that will suit you! The looks I wouldn’t recommend is anything too different from your natural beauty. This way you won't recognize yourself in the pictures, and it may feel a little out of your depth. Trust the makeup artist if you want a natural look. I always let my clients know that I love a natural look as well. I love to see freckles (if you have), and if you are unhappy with anything, you NEED to tell the makeup artist. Don’t be upset with the makeup, FIX IT!

How do you think getting professional makeup and hair done enhances a boudoir session?

For me, I feel from experience that women who wear or don’t wear makeup always love a bit of pampering. It gives you extra inner strength and some relaxation. Getting professional makeup and hair done for the session also gives you the time to mentally prepare for what is to come, enhancing the best parts of you and having fun!

What are your ideas behind wearing makeup? 

Honestly, my philosophy on makeup is 'Natural is best, to enhance and not change', also a less is more approach. I always want to make my clients feel that I would never try to change the beautiful features they have, but, then again, they are hiring me for a reason! So I do enhance their eyes, lips, cheekbones and the like. I, myself believe that wearing makeup can be powerful to women, but only when they are being true to the beauty they have. I would never endorse women to wear makeup every day, but for special occasions its nice to have a little something extra, even just some mascara! I feel that I give my clients the trust that I will be true to what they want for their makeup and hair. I always want them to feel free to tell me how they like the makeup I do, if they want changes or a little more enhancing. I always start slow, and build on the makeup. I like to have my clients feeling comfortable, feeling like themselves and not some other person with too much foundation on their faces!

What is the one thing every client should know before they come to you?

I feel like my clients should know that I really truly want to make them feel comfortable, relaxed and have trust in me. I won't do something they wouldn’t feel like themselves wearing. A natural glowing face and a beautiful smile are things that I love! I know my craft, I believe in love, inner strength and courage. Being a makeup artist and hairstylist has taught me many things, but my favorite lesson learnt is, be true to yourself and enhance what you got ladies!

To see Cassy's work, feel free to take a look at her Facebook page.