Boudoir : Nechama

When I woke up the morning of Nechama's session in early November, I threw on a cute romper and headed out the door to Tel Aviv, where it was sunny, warm, and just like summer! Nechama's vibe matched the weather, being incredibly chilled out, and it didn't hurt that natural light filled every corner of her space.

Getting ready with Nechama and our makeup artist, Sheldon Bruck was such a good time! Part way through preparations, Nechama asked me "What kind of music do you like?" When I told her I was cool with almost anything, she bashfully turned to pop and rap, which unleashed perfect boudoir energy as the clothes came off and lingerie dominated our session.

It is always a pleasure to photograph other women in my field. I feel like they understand what I do as a boudoir photographer on a whole different level. Nechama is a talented photographer herself, and the process of working together was truly a blessing and honor.

Here are some of my favorites from our "summer" day...

Makeup by Sheldon Bruck