Boudoir : Reflections

I've always loved to write. As a young girl, I imagined my adult self as a journalist or a novelist, maybe even a poet. There was something comforting about the idea of escaping to my own world to create a reality that was only mine. Writing has helped me get through the darker times of life; through the confusion of my early teenage years, through heartbreak and my parent's divorce, through times where I felt like the only person in the world. I often think back to short excerpts I wrote, my poetry, my journals with pages ripped out and doodles along the sides. These dark times when I turned to myself, I turned into myself and it has led me to the woman I am today. I have this burning desire to bring forth and into the light what may lie just beneath the surface. I realize now that everything I have expressed in words, are fragmented pieces of my personal story.

When a camera fell into my hands, I began to tell more stories. About myself, but also about other women. I've had the honor of listening and learning and understanding the people who have been in front of my camera. I've seen women emerge from incredible pain with astonishing strength. I've seen the unspeakable magic that happens when the layers are stripped away and we are real with each other. Through boudoir, I have the ability to tell your story through my lens, to be with you and feel with you. When I can't seem to put things to words, I have my camera, and often times, it truly says everything.

Hair and Makeup by Katy Taurel