Boudoir : Siobhan

Though Siobhan is a New Yorker, from a young age she traveled all around the world with her parents. She developed a love for sailing, and today she could imagine herself on a house boat, with the wind in her hair and exciting adventures waiting around every corner. 

She made a trip to Israel years back and eventually got used to the idea of it being her home base as she continued to follow her traveling soul. Now she lives in a quaint house with personality, simplicity and any kind of delicious drink you could imagine. Siobhan completely impressed me with her bar tending skills, even before noon!

When Cassy and I drove that morning through her neighborhood near Tel Aviv for her boudoir session, the weather was so beautiful and the trees surrounding the area provided a lovely, calming energy. It was a lot of fun and a true honor to have had the experience of photographing Siobhan in her element. She is unbelievably gorgeous, and I loved how her unique personality came through harmoniously in the photographs...

Siobhan S-32.jpg

Hair and Makeup by Cassy Avraham