Shower Boudoir Sessions are Hot AF

If you're a woman with an affinity for water, a shower or bath might be the perfect way to end your boudoir session. Perhaps you're an Aquarius or a Pisces, maybe you've loved the ocean since you were young, or maybe the sound of water flowing feels relaxing to you. 

Whatever it is, I've found that water can really help women connect with themselves. When you're connected with yourself, you're confident, and

Confidence is SEXY.

The day of this boudoir session, I took a look around the apartment while Cassy Avraham was doing her makeup and hair magic. I saw the shower wall was a wall to wall window with beautiful light and the city of Tel Aviv in the background. I was literally in photographer heaven.

There was a serene feeling and sense of self-awareness as I composed and shot each frame.

I think that just like music or meditation, water has the ability to take you to a grounded place within yourself. 

Lifta Portraits - Adelle Carr - Sigala Photography_0053.jpg

I often feel that black and white lends focus to the emotion in my photographs. Since I felt there a raw sensuality and vulnerability in the air, I popped in some black and white film before this part of her session. 

It was that vulnerability which makes me fall in love with these images every time I look at them. As a boudoir photographer, it is absolute best feeling to photograph a woman in her true element. 

Even though it wasn't my first shower boudoir session, it is the first one I had permission to share on my blog. I am so grateful for that and have so much love for the beautiful woman who allowed it.

Looking forward to the next sexy shower session...