Cozy Haven in Tel Aviv | Maternity Boudoir : Adva

This maternity boudoir session brought me to a sweet and beautifully designed home in a quiet, Tel Aviv neighborhood. Adva was in her 38th week of pregnancy when she contacted me, so we really only had less than a week to get everything together! Generally I like to have more time to prepare with my clients, but in this case, I think that our trust and connection was so perfect from the beginning.

Adva's session couldn't have turned out better or more beautiful.

This was her third pregnancy, and very possibly her last, so it was especially meaningful to document this magical time right before her beautiful baby was born. 

When we walked in, I immediately gushed over Adva's bohemian, modern and eclectic style. I loved that we were able to use her home as a unique setting for her session. She happens to be an incredibly talented interior designer, and the talented part goes without saying!

Over coffee, a delicious cheese platter and fresh fruit, we chatted about life and motherhood, and about the way her world was about to change in just a few days. I always find the preparation time to be so relaxing and an opportunity to connect with my clients on a deeper level. It was really fun to have Rhonda Lev, one of my makeup artists and hair stylists, along with me on the day of. She created a natural and luminous look for Adva that left her feeling a little glamorous, but completely like herself. 

In my eyes, Adva is a total queen, with this modest confidence and a generous heart. Here are some of my favorites from her maternity session this Autumn...

Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-1
Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-2

There's honestly nothing sexier than a cozy sweater over lingerie!

Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-3
Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-4
Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-5
Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-6
Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-7
Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-8
Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-9
Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-10
Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-11
Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-12
Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-13
Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-14

I love how the film captures the light coming through her bedroom window. This has to be one of my favorite images from this series...

Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-15
Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-16

Often times my clients will use clothing for part of their boudoir sessions. I think this white, boho dress was a perfect fit for Adva's style and a lovely addition to our shoot. Someone told me that collarbones are the new cleavage. I definitely resonate with that here! :)

Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-17
Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-18
Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-19
Tel Aviv maternity boudoir-20

One of the best parts of my job is celebrating the lives of so many amazing women. It was truly an honor to have photographed Adva during the last moments of her pregnancy, and it was incredible to receive a text message with a gorgeous baby when he was born!

Mazal Tov, beautiful Adva.