Just a Taste of Magic | Boudoir Mini-Session with Laura

Laura's Valentine's Day boudoir mini-session was one of the firsts of the day. I remember the early morning, Tel Aviv light perfectly falling through the bedroom window.

When I asked Laura her main reasons for wanting to do a boudoir session, especially around Valentine's Day, she said, "I have been playing with the idea to give a boudoir sessions as a gift to myself for a while now, I think I will be very grateful to myself now and later in life when I look back on it. The whole idea of being conscious and loving your body isn't something that was brought up with as a I grew up, and I feel I owe it to myself to take those steps now."

Rebecca Sigala Boudoir Mini-Session-1

I couldn't have been more happy with the results in just a half-hour of photographing Laura. This beautiful woman was a real inspiration for the marathon of sessions that followed.  

Rebecca Sigala Boudoir Mini-Session-2

While a mini-session isn't the same, full experience as having an individual session, it is an amazing way to dip your feet into the "boudoir waters."

Rebecca Sigala Boudoir Mini-Session-3

The natural makeup and hair enhanced Laura's features so beautifully and helped us focus on her already existing beauty. 

Rebecca Sigala Boudoir Mini-Session-4
Rebecca Sigala Boudoir Mini-Session-5
Rebecca Sigala Boudoir Mini-Session-6

Our energies bounced off each other, and I loved how slow paced our session was. It gave me the ability to capture moments like this...

Rebecca Sigala Boudoir Mini-Session-7
Rebecca Sigala Boudoir Mini-Session-8
Rebecca Sigala Boudoir Mini-Session-9
Rebecca Sigala Boudoir Mini-Session-10

Many times a mini-session is just the beginning of my relationship with my clients. Just as much as it's a sample for them, it is the same for me! I am excited for the opportunity to photograph this beauty again. 

Rebecca Sigala Boudoir Mini-Session-11