Maternity Boudoir with Kale Connoisseur, Vegan Blogger-Goddess

I met Kiley, the mastermind behind the Kale Connoisseur blog, over a year ago when we had the honor of photographing her absolutely gorgeous wedding in Caesarea, Israel. The moment I looked up her Instagram account, I fell in love with her style and noticed that she had a great eye for all things beautiful. She loves to travel, to write, to take pictures and to cook delicious vegan food! It’s always inspiring when her pictures pop up in my feed, and to know she is doing that for people all around the world is even more inspiring.

The stars aligned for this maternity boudoir session to come together as it did. Kiley was 27 weeks along in her pregnancy and was headed overseas to spend time with family back in Canada. We knew that we wanted to create something special together, encapsulating this time in her life as well as help promote the healthy lifestyle that her blog and Instagram account is all about. Tiferet Lehrman, a talented Israeli makeup artist and hair stylist hopped on board, and we couldn’t have been more excited. Lastly, we found this perfectly decorated, plant and light filled flat in the Florentine neighborhood of Tel Aviv, and we let our creative minds run wild…

Kiley said, “Pregnancy has been a real eye opener for me. I’ve never felt more comfortable in my own skin, and I felt like a boudoir session would be liberating.”

“I gained a sense of calmness and strength from doing the shoot which I didn’t expect…”

Kale Connoisseur Maternity Boudoir_0038.jpg
Kale Connoisseur Maternity Boudoir_0037.jpg

I asked Kiley some questions during and after the shoot so that we could get to know her a little bit.

I love your blog so much! How would describe what you do as a blogger, and what kind of message do you want to portray to the public?

“I cook vegan food, eat vegan food, and focus on a healthy balanced lifestyle! I also try and include travels in my blogging but it mostly ends up being about food. I want to portray a balanced lifestyle and I want people to see that being vegan doesn’t mean you’re missing out on delicious food!”

Kale Connoisseur Maternity Boudoir_0039.jpg

What kind of diet do you adhere to? Was it always that way or did you make healthier choices within time?

“Vegan diet! I slowly became vegan. Started only eating chicken and fish, then only fish, then vegetarian, then no dairy, and eventually no eggs. It was a process that I just found was based on what worked with my body. Eggs and dairy never did well for me and meat was always something I only ate because I thought I needed to. When I learned how to be healthy without meat I was quick to give it up.”

How would you describe your lifestyle in general?

“Active. I work out everyday. That doesn’t mean I spend my life in the gym. I do something to sweat each and every day. I love hiking, yoga, swimming, walking, running, Pilates, and also group work out classes at the gym. I need to work out to feel calm and good in my body. Even if I can’t make it to the gym, just a good long walk is necessary.”

Kale Connoisseur Maternity Boudoir_0040.jpg

Have your healthy choices benefited your pregnancy in any way? How do you feel in general?

“Totally! I feel that keeping active during pregnancy is essential! It’s not only good for the baby but it’s good for the momma and makes it easier to bounce back after (so I hear!). I have definitely slowed down with my workouts and I really listen to my body so some days I find I’m too tired to do anything but walking usually doesn’t take much effort so I still try and push at least that or a little yoga on those days.”

Kale Connoisseur Maternity Boudoir_0041.jpg
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I am so in awe of this gorgeous goddess. I had to ask her if she had advice for women who are newly pregnant or plan on it in the future!

Kiley said, “Listen to your body. Don’t push things that are too strenuous, take rests when you feel you need them, and keep an active/healthy lifestyle. Your body functions based on the fuel you put in and your baby’s growth and health is dependent on you! Your body should be in good health even before getting pregnant so focus on that before you even try conceiving.

Most importantly, be calm. Stress and anxiety can cause long term effects on babies. The calmer and happier you are during pregnancy, the happier baby will be. Breath and keep yourself grounded.”

Kale Connoisseur Maternity Boudoir_0052.jpg

If you can’t get enough (I know that I can’t), feel free to check out her Instagram page @thekaleconnoisseur or her beautiful blog,

Makeup and Hair by the incredibly talented Tiferet Lehrman