Boudoir : Julie

While looking for boudoir photographers in China seemed almost impossible, Julie decided to search for one on her trip to Israel this past winter. Through our e-mails, we automatically clicked, and as the date approached, I became more and more excited to photograph this stunning woman. 

Julie mentioned that she knew it was important for her to have an opportunity to see herself in a different light. Even though she loves her body at this stage in her life, motherhood and day to day routines sometimes make us forget how beautiful and sexual we really are. 

Our boudoir session took place in the heart of Jerusalem. A quaint, stone and Arabic style Airbnb in the neighborhood of Nachlaot...

Makeup by Sheldon Bruck

Hair by Katy Taurel

Kodak Film // Processed and scanned by Panda Labs

Boudoir : Leann

All I knew about Leann was drawn from her stylish Instagram feed. She's a beauty blogger, has stunning eyes and lives in Italy. Little did I know that our boudoir experience in Tel Aviv would be so vulnerable and deep from the very moment Lia, the makeup artist, and I walked through the door.

What I loved about Leann was that she put it all on the table. A woman who was willing to be raw and open in a way that brought me into her world...

Makeup by Lia Elisheva

Kodak Film // Processed and scanned by Panda Labs

Boudoir : Yulia

From the beginning, I could see what a kind and beautiful woman I was about to have the pleasure of working with. Yulia is originally from Moscow, but in the recent years, she has decided to make a life for herself here in Israel. After speaking for just a little while, I learned that she works as a pole dancing instructor at a well known studio in Jerusalem. As I photographed her, it became evident how strongly passionate and talented Yulia is at what she does. The way that she is in touch with her body was inspiring, and the way she utilized her emotional and physical strength was something to simply admire. All of the elements in this boudoir session, from the hair and makeup by Sarah Zohar, to this gorgeous home in Beit Zayit and the quiet confidence that Yulia withheld, created results that I've fallen in love with...

Hair and Makeup by Sarah Zohar