24-Days of Body Love

I want women to see their beauty at every stage in their life. No matter how their bodies change, even from month to month, there is always so much to appreciate and love about ourselves. 

A year a half ago, I did my own boudoir session in Tel Aviv during a time when I didn't actually feel so great about my body and the level of physical activity I was participating in. What was amazing to me was that I felt so FRICKEN GORGEOUS. When I saw my pictures for the first time, I loved my curves, my breasts, my butt, everything was soft and womanly, and I was able to see myself as beautiful even during a time when it was harder to do that. 

I vowed to myself that I would start to SHOW my body love, by nourishing it with healthy food, doing yoga, exercising and pursuing things that were positively affecting my life. Since then, it's been a crazy journey, I've gained and lost, succeeded, sometimes I felt like I failed, but I kept going, and I saw results. I now have more energy, I feel revitalized and awakened within my sense of self and my sexuality as well. 

There's the age-old question. How can you love your body and at the same time want to change it? When talking with Tova Eastman, an incredible personal trainer and founder of Ignite Fitness for Women based in Modiin, we shared the same values about using fitness as a foundation for health and well-being versus simply wanting to lose weight or look "sexy." 

We decided to try out each other's businesses. Tova is going to go through a full physical and emotional boudoir experience, and I am going to go on a 24-day fitness and nutrition plan that she customized for me. Every day, I want to look in the mirror with a new positive affirmation and a compliment to my body. I want to help cultivate a lesser emotional dependence on food. I want to get more toned, stronger and lose body fat without obsessing and with a lot of self-love. 

Day 1 affirmation: I love myself exactly the way I am. 

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