Boudoir : Chloe

This was one of those boudoir sessions where I was barely breathing between shots, carefully thinking and composing and creating alongside this beautiful woman. Chloe was and is inspiring - a young woman with an old soul and a gift of connecting through art. She is a talented photographer herself, and it's always such an honor to photograph women who share a passion for my life's work.

We began hair and makeup with Cassy Avraham in this gorgeous apartment, literally in the skies of Tel Aviv, with wall to wall windows in almost every room...


Boudoir : Anna

The first time I met Anna was at a delicious, little cafe in the heart of Tel Aviv. We had been corresponding and following each other's boudoir photography for awhile. Her work is absolutely stunning, and I fell in love with her images as soon as I laid eyes upon them.

Even though Anna doesn't live here in Israel, she comes whenever she gets the chance. On her last visit, we scheduled a morning to photograph each other. I was really excited, albeit nervous to have the experience of my own boudoir session as well as photographing someone who's work I admire.

Seeing as we both live and breathe boudoir, we couldn't forget the necessities: a beautiful, intimate space in Neve Tzedek, hot coffee, music to set the mood and the beyond talented makeup artist, Sarah Zohar.

Anna is a beautiful, laid back woman, full of life and smiles. I was incredibly honored to have captured even a bit of that on film...

Model - Anna Semenova

Hair and Makeup by Sarah Zohar