Boudoir : Julie

While looking for boudoir photographers in China seemed almost impossible, Julie decided to search for one on her trip to Israel this past winter. Through our e-mails, we automatically clicked, and as the date approached, I became more and more excited to photograph this stunning woman. 

Julie mentioned that she knew it was important for her to have an opportunity to see herself in a different light. Even though she loves her body at this stage in her life, motherhood and day to day routines sometimes make us forget how beautiful and sexual we really are. 

Our boudoir session took place in the heart of Jerusalem. A quaint, stone and Arabic style Airbnb in the neighborhood of Nachlaot...

Makeup by Sheldon Bruck

Hair by Katy Taurel

Kodak Film // Processed and scanned by Panda Labs

Glamour : Shelley

I was so excited to photograph Shelley in honor of her 32nd birthday. When she approached me to do a glamour session, I could already envision how everything would come together beautifully. Shelley's foundation of confidence seems to come from a strong sense of herself in a physical, emotional and spiritual realm. It is evident to me, and I think everyone who comes in contact with her, what a special and gorgeous woman she is.

A few words from Shelley...

"I have often had hair, makeup and portraits done but it has always been for an occasion. The experience of having all that pampering attention feels rushed and gets swallowed up in the excitement of the day - graduation, family simcha, or a wedding. I wanted to enjoy the process without the pressure of rushing to the big event. I so loved working with Cassy who made both the hair and makeup experience pleasurable and whose work really shines in the photos. 

I was marking my birthday, but on that day there was no obvious accomplishment or milestone to celebrate, but I did want to take a moment, an expression of a “mesibat hodaya” a celebration of gratitude, for this ongoing process of personal growth and development of self love to recognize how far I have come and anticipate all the good the future holds. The past couple years I experienced acute injury, recovery, and shifted gears professionally from communication and visual arts to embrace being a yoga teacher as part of my journey. I knew I could trust Rebecca to connect to and reveal that gratitude and renewal in still photographs.

I am so touched by the final series of portraits."

Rebecca Sigala - 1
Rebecca Sigala - 2
Rebecca Sigala - 3
Rebecca Sigala - 4
Rebecca Sigala - 5
Rebecca Sigala - 6
Rebecca Sigala - 7
Rebecca Sigala - 8
Rebecca Sigala - 9

Hair and Makeup by Cassy Avraham