Bridal Boudoir : Dreamy Collaborative Session

The story we know is that a little girl grows up dreaming of her wedding day, almost as if it is the peak of her journey. In the sake of re-writing our narrative, we're dreaming of so much more. When Sara Winter and I came together to create our artistic vision for this session, I envisioned our story to be about a woman of confidence with a foundation of self-love and acceptance. I saw beauty. simplicity with a touch of bohemian romance, but I also saw this woman as someone who could really look at herself and embrace the journey she is on, in the moment. As a bride embarks on a new chapter of her life with another human being, it is meaningful to recognize and document the power of a special uniqueness that lies within and her own sensual, intimate expression.

At a stunning home in Israel in the city of Beit Zayit, we began preparations for what we hoped would be a platform for our art and our collaborative creative energy. My husband, Yehoshua, and I are a wedding photography team, and we were excited to work on this project together since it is in the realm of everything we love about photography. While these images are through my personal lens, you will soon be able to see his perspective and beautiful photographs as well.

Throughout the boudoir session, the remarkably talented Sheldon Bruck, makeup artist, and Katy Taurel-Ciabotaru, hair stylist, cultivated a couple different gorgeous looks for us to photograph. The florals by Sara Winter and wardrobe by designer, Marina Valery, had me in a complete dream world...

Floral design by Sara Winter
Makeup by Sheldon Bruck
Hair by Katy Taurel-Ciabotaru
Lingerie and veil by Marina Valery
Model - Noa Elharar

Kodak Film // Processed and scanned by Panda Labs