Unleashing her Free-Spirit | Boudoir with Lorelle

As Spring approaches, this idea of "freedom" and a sense of renewal is a common theme in many of our lives, especially within my world of boudoir photography. I've been thinking a lot about what it means to be free and how my journey is leading me to a state of mind where I've allowed myself to be more free than I have ever been. That feeling reminded me of my beautiful client, Lorelle.

I had done a boudoir session in the Tel Aviv area with her few years back as part of a healing process and an honor to her mother who had passed away from breast cancer. It was such an amazing and memorable session, and I've always felt very connected to it. We even stayed in touch over the last few years before she decided to do this boudoir session! When we spoke during her second consultation, she said "I truly loved our first session. It was so romantic and just like a fairy tale. Now that I have an opportunity to do another, I just want to be free. I don't want to have any inhibitions. I want to explore a new side of myself and see how I've changed over the past three years." 

Free-Spirit Boudoir Session_0003.jpg

After the session, Lorelle opened up even more, "I had to grow up very quickly. While my friends were out partying and being carefree, I was looking after my sick mother. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change a thing, but I lost out on that part of growing up. I'm always so careful and so "straight." Doing something completely opposite to my personality was rather liberating. Right now, my goals in life involve taking things one step at a time and allowing things to fall into place as they should, freely without worrying."

"On the day of, I felt super calm and Rebecca made me feel comfortable and confident in my own skin. It was so special and unique because I had already done a session, I knew what to expect in a way. However, with this session, I was open to being photographed fully nude and felt 100% comfortable doing so. I was blown away by the professionalism and attention to detail by both Sarah, the hair and makeup artist, and Rebecca."

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"I loved my hair and makeup. Sarah really understood exactly what I wanted. I think inherently, I'm more relaxed and have a bohemian style, but life always has a way of taking over. I think that with all the daily struggles and stresses, I felt like I had lost that sense of being carefree. This was a way I could connect to that free-spirited side of me."

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“Viewing these pictures was the best feeling ever. I had butterflies in my tummy. It felt as though I was paging through the images of a glossy magazine and staring at a model who wasn't me...

If I could I would being doing boudoir sessions as much as possible. I feel like I could do a session every year just to remind myself of my confidence and beauty. It's such an imp ortant experience and a huge step towards one's own journey to self-love and acceptance." 

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Lorelle said she hoped that I wasn't sick of photographing her, and my feelings are completely opposite. I only wish I could photograph her more! We always have such a fun time together, and she is an absolute beauty from the inside out. 

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I love many things about my career path, but one thing I love most is the relationships I have with my clients. As much as I offer them a space to explore themselves, they also inspire me every single day. 

Robert Frost says, "Freedom lies in being bold." This rings so true to me, to this session, and the way I want to continue seeing life moving forward. 

Lorelle made me start to think about the next boudoir session for myself. Specifically using the experience as a catalyst to bring out a different side of myself would be very healing and cathartic, just as Lorelle’s boudoir session was for her.

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Thank you, Lorelle for your vulnerability, bravery and beauty. It is always an honor to photograph you, and I share your hope that we can do boudoir sessions as much as possible in the future!

If you'd like to see Lorelle's first session, feel free to view it here.

Makeup and Hair by Sarah Appel