A Sweet Whisper of Love | Maternity Boudoir Mini-Session with Catalina

I met Catalina a couple years ago to discuss how we can bring body-positivity and feminine power to our communities in Israel, so when she decided to sign up for our Yom Ahava boudoir mini-sessions, I knew that she would be an incredible addition to the group of women. It never hurts to have a women's psychologist and coach on board! ;)

When discussing her upcoming session, she mentioned that she was going to be 35 weeks pregnant! I absolutely love maternity boudoir because there is a element of divinity and love intertwined with every single image.

I've always seen Catalina as a goddess with an permeating feminine and beautiful energy. To be able to photograph her during her pregnancy was a blessing and artistic pleasure!

Rebecca Sigala Maternity-2

Catalina said to me, "I love sensuality, my body and the beauty of all of it. It's being amazing the process to connect and integrate my sensual + wild energy into my new cycle of motherhood."

Rebecca Sigala Maternity-1
Rebecca Sigala Maternity-3
Rebecca Sigala Maternity-4

The connection she had with her body and her breath was a beautiful thing to witness and be a part of. Even though the session was only a half-hour long, there was a meditative feel to our flow. 

Rebecca Sigala Maternity-5

This is one of my favorites...

Rebecca Sigala Maternity-6
Rebecca Sigala Maternity-7
Rebecca Sigala Maternity-8

Sigh. Catalina, you are everything! These pictures give me so much inspiration and joy.

Rebecca Sigala Maternity-9

As women with similar values, I know that our paths will continue to cross. We've already discussed her next boudoir session, and I am so looking forward to it!

Rebecca Sigala Maternity-10